Saturday, May 8, 2021


Irish Dance

After seven years of ballet, my daughter wanted to try something new that she said would be more fun to do. So for the last three months she has been learning Irish Dance via Zoom. No easy task with the pandemic preventing her class from practicing together in a dance studio but she has made the best of the situation.

Her beginner class had a performance today at a local park as part of the dance troupe's Spring recital. Have to give my daughter a lot of credit because she is starting off in an all-ages class full of little kids. I bet a lot of people her age would have been embarrassed to perform in this situation but she stuck with the class and led them all through their recital routine. The girl wanted to get involved in Irish Dance and if this is what it took she was all onboard to participate. I love the lack of ego she demonstrated!

Proud of her for giving it her all during their first non-Zoom performance together as a group and for being a great team player at the Motor City Irish Dance Spring Recital. Hopefully by the end of the year she will be graduating to a level in the troupe where she is engaged with kids who are more her age and overall level of dance experience. You have to start somewhere though and she is very excited about her Irish Dance experience.

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