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Hey, Hey, Hey ... we just received a package in the mail from unboxboardom.com! A Geek Daddy was invited to participate in a review of the unboxboardom.com subscription service through this blog's affiliation with U.S. Family Guide. My family LOVES our game nights so we are excited to see what this board game subscription service has to offer.

Each month unboxboardom.com subscribers have the option of receiving one of three selected board games from the service that arrives in the mail. For those people that love game nights this is a great way to always have something fresh to play ... and who isn't GEEKED to get something fun in the mail?! So what is in the box?

Of the three choices to pick from this month, I selected FUSE because it looked to be an energetic game to play with my teens that didn't take a lot of effort to learn the rules and would be fun for the family to play together. It is a cooperative game where all the players work together pretending to be a counter-terrorism team trying to diffuse bombs planted on a ship. The clock is ticking and if you run out of time: KABOOM!

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Players have to roll different colored and numbered dice to match up specific combinations on game cards to diffuse the bombs. When the dice are rolled, players must decide who will get which dice, but each player must take one and only one. To add excitement, there is a free companion app with a built in timer, sound effects, and voice overs to provide extra intensity to the game!

I'm excited for our next family game night to play FUSE. Stay tuned for my ageekdaddy.com review of our unboxboardom.com experience coming soon! 

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