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how to make sports fun for kids

If you’re a parent, you’re going to want to do the best for your kids, and you’re going to want them to be as healthy as possible. So that means trying to get them to do more sports, which isn’t always easy. Yes, some little ones love sports, but others would much prefer to sit inside playing games, enjoying screen time, reading a book, or anything else. What can you do? 

One option is to make sports more appealing by making it as fun as possible, and the good news is there are loads of ways you can do exactly that. With that in mind, keep reading to find out what some of those ways are so you can help your kids get more active. 

What Do They Like? 

The reason your kids might not like sports very much is that they’ve not found something they like. They might have tried football, baseball, hockey, soccer, basketball, and all the other ‘usual’ sports, but nothing really clicked, and it just didn’t interest them. If that’s the case, of course, they’re not going to want to play sports when they’re given the option. 

The great thing is there are hundreds of different sports they can try, and if you keep giving different things a go, you might come across something that really piques their interest, like disc golf, for example. It might be unusual, but that doesn’t matter because they’ll want to play, and that means they’ll choose to be active more often - and that’s the point of the whole exercise (pun intended). 

how to make sports fun for kids

Give Them Goals

When we talk about giving kids goals, we don’t mean telling them they have to score a certain number of goals or points in a game - although that could be part of it. What we mean is that if you can set realistic and achievable goals every time they go and do whatever sports it is they’ve chosen to do, they’ll be a lot more interested. In other words, they’ll have something to prove and potentially something to lose (if they’re being rewarded for reaching their goals), and they’ll push themselves further as a result. 

By doing this, you’ll also be proving to your kids that they can do things if they try. Sometimes it’s less about not enjoying a sport and more about not thinking you’re very good at it that stops you from playing, but every time they reach a goal, they’ll see that’s not right at all. 

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Do It With Them

Kids love it when they get to spend time with their parents (especially when they’re younger, and even more so if your work-life balance isn’t ideal, so you sometimes don’t get to see them as much as you’d like. 

So, why not join in with their sports with them? You could play, and that would certainly be something fun you could do together, but if that’s not possible, then you can at least be there in a moral support capacity, watching every game and helping to make them feel good about what they’re doing. That really is what could make all the difference.

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